Random boxes are coming!

So, whether you are a person who wants to try out Furry Mystery Box before committing, or are a person who is already subscribed and just wants more goodies, we’ve got you covered.

Soon, we will be releasing “random” boxes, which will contain a variety of goodies (and always a T-shirt) as a non-subscription item. Some items that have been in previous boxes may find their way into randoms, but it is not a guarantee. There will be a variety of merch and goodies (stickers, buttons, keychains, lanyards just to name a few examples) and more.

The boxes will also contain items that were never available in subscriptions and are more akin to the “at convention” boxes that we sell in crates (though these still ship in the sleek black boxes.) For example, the header of this news post is a portion of an art print by Avencri (whose webcomic is available at theeye.katbox.net) which is available via random boxes but was never in subscriptions!

Please note, this in no way affects subscription boxes. Those are still completely the same between subscribers. These are just another type of box with different items, like the ones sold at conventions!

Keep an eye out for our announcements!

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