Furry Mystery Box Sponsorship

Furry Mystery Box is a great platform for getting your work out in front of an audience, raising awareness or even just getting merchandise produced that might be difficult to find a good avenue for.

With that in mind, we’ve started setting up FMB to both accept Sponsorships from businesses and artists, and also to offer sponsorships to conventions and events.  The two are very distinct, but both useful.

Not sure which one works for you?  Check out the information below to find out which is right for your situation.


For Businesses

Are you a business interested in getting a Furry Mystery Box item with your content and logo on it, or in sponsoring a themed box?

Furry Mystery Box is a great option for promoting your business.  Your content is assured to get into the hands of a lot of people, depending on the amount you want to produce.  Usable items garner more interest with our user base than simple inserts.  

Our packages include content production as well as distribution, and we can also provide design services.


For Conventions

Are you a convention interested in having Furry Mystery Box sponsor the swag items for your attendees?  Or in getting a specific convention-branded item added into the available Mystery Boxes at our table?  Perhaps you’d like to see Furry Mystery Box do a box specifically catered to your convention theme?

Furry Mystery Box is proud to announce that we’re now working on merchandise partnerships for several conventions, as well as offering a chance to have us do a featured box with the convention theme at our table.


If you are a business or creator and you want:

  • To promote your business, artwork, or property by putting your materials in the hand of hundreds of people who are a target audience already looking for Furry Merchandise.
  • To get access to merchandise creation of a wide variety of items, branded with your own images or logos.
  • To have someone else handle the manufacturing and distribution of your materials.  You simply tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll put it together and get it in front of the audience for you.
  • To have the distinction and recognition that comes with having your Logo or materials easily visible on materials or even on an actual box.

Then Sponsoring a Furry Mystery Box might be for you!

If you run a convention or event and you want:

  • To promote your convention by giving high-quality branded merchandise or swag to attendees at a highly reduced cost.
  • To set a cost per attendee you’d like to spend on swag and have us assemble different packages you can choose from  to maximize your spending power.
  • To be able to hand us artwork files and let us handle manufacturing.
  • To have us provide the artwork in-house based on your theme, making it easier for you to focus on running your event instead of having to worry about finding materials.
  • To have the prestige of having an entire themed box to fit your convention.

Then getting a Sponsorship from Furry Mystery Box might be for you!


Form for Business Sponsors:

Form for Convention Sponsorship: