What’s a mystery box?
A mystery box is a box filled with all kinds of items. The exact contents are a mystery until opened. Mystery boxes have increased in popularity recently, especially via subscription service.


Why a Furry Mystery Box?
We know how hard it can be to find furry themed merchandise outside of going to a convention. The Furry Mystery Box brings the fun swag of a convention right to your door, with no hotel or travel needed!


What’s in the box?
The actual contents of the box will vary, but here’s some of the things you can expect: keychains, prints, buttons, wearables, enamel pins, plush toys, books and much much more. Our content is provided by multiple artists, and we’ll also have some things from well known artists in the fandom as we go forward. Also, did we mention every box includes a t-shirt? You get $70 worth of merchandise or more in each box. Unless otherwise specified all content in the box is suitable for Furries of all ages.


How much does the box cost?
The box is $25, plus tax and shipping.


Are all of the boxes the same?
The content in each box will be the same throughout all subscription boxes released in the quarter. However each subsequent box release will have different content from the previous quarter’s box. If you subscribe, you will get a totally different box for each quarter.


Do all Boxes have a shirt?
Yes they do. Every box comes with a shirt, even the randoms.


Can I pick the size of my shirt?
Yes you can! Just select your preferred shirt size when you sign up. Currently we offer sizes Small through 5XL. Shirts 3XL or larger will have an additional cost.


When I sign up how often am I charged?
You’ll be charged once every three months for your box.


When I sign up how often am I charged?
You’ll be charged once every three months for your box.


Why is there a cut-off date?
Because the majority of the items are made just for the box, we need a bit of production time to make sure everything is ready to go. The cut-off date is to give us time to produce and ship all of those items.


When are boxes sent out?
The date for each box shipment will be posted on the site, but most boxes will usually ship the third and fourth week of the month.


Will the box be discreet?
We know some folks get worried about people noticing furry stuff, especially through the mail. Our box is discreet and doesn’t have the word Furry anywhere on the outside of the box, just our snazzy wordless logo.


What is the Furry Mystery Shirt?
For those who like wearables but aren’t interested in all the other stuff in the box, we offer a Furry Mystery Shirt option. For $15 you can get a furry themed shirt delivered right to your door every three months. For the moment, at least, the shirt is the same as the one you get in the box, though in the future we may offer different exclusive shirts for our Furry Mystery Shirt option.


If I cancel my subscription, will I still get the box(es) I paid for?
If you cancel your subscription after you’ve paid for the box for the current quarter, you will still get the box you paid for delivered to you. If you want to cancel entirely and not receive the box, you must do so before the cut off date for the current quarter by contacting customer support. We cannot give refunds for payments after the cut-off date has arrived.


What do I do if something is broken?
If something in your box is broken, contact customer support within 30 days for a replacement. If possible, we will replace broken items as long as we still have them in stock.


What if I want to put something in the boxes?
The mystery boxes are a great way to spread awareness of your products, services, comic, etc. If you’re interested in providing an item for a future box or sponsoring an item that goes into a box you can contact us for more information.


My question wasn’t answered here!
Then contact us via our contact us page and we will do our best to answer your question!