Becoming a Furry Mystery Box Contributor

Interested in contributing content to Furry Mystery Box?  Good news!  We are open to accepting content from outside contributors for future boxes. 

Here’s a rundown of some of the things you should know before applying.

There are two types of Mystery Boxes that are available to contribute to:

-Subscription Boxes:  These are the boxes that go out to all of the FMB subscribers four times a year.  The content for these boxes has a higher value and there is a lot more of it.  We give our subscribers as much value as possible in each box.  For each box release, all subscribers get the same high quality content in their box for the quarter, so contributors are guaranteed to get their content into the hands of all box subscribers for that quarter.

-Randomized Boxes:  These boxes are sold at the FMB table at conventions and trade shows.  The content in each of these boxes is completely randomized and has a $40 total value per box.  Contributor content is randomly distributed throughout these boxes.

How do I know which type of Contributor I want to be?

It’s mostly dependent on scale.  If you want to contribute a small amount of handmade items, you’re probably looking to be a contributor to Randomized Boxes.  If you want to get some material into the hands of our entire subscriber base (and more) then you’re more likely to be better served by contributing to our Subscription boxes.

Keep reading to find out more about being a contributor!

What are the benefits of being a contributor?

Here at Furry Mystery Box, we are dedicated to bringing high quality furry content directly to our subscribers.  When you become a contributor to our Subscription Boxes, your content will be sent to our subscribers all over North America.  In addition, any overrun (content that does not go directly to our subscribers) will go into the Randomized Boxes, so you are guaranteed to get your work out to as many people as possible!

What kind of Content do you accept?

Currently we accept many kinds of printed materials: prints, bookmarks, postcards, trading cards, stickers etc.  We also accept buttons, lanyards, keychains and several other items.  

All content must be no higher than PG13 in rating and the contributor must have ownership of the characters and content (for example, we cannot accept fanart prints, etc).

Do I have to create the items?

We offer printing services included in our Subscription Box Contributor packages.  You do have the option to create your own pieces, but it must meet our quality assurance criteria and some other restrictions.  Additionally if you create the items yourself or through another provider, we need to ensure that there is enough to go in all Subscription Boxes.

I want something unusual with my work on it. Can you make it?

If you have questions about production of some kind of specialty merchandise, please send us an email to inquire.  We have a lot of options for manufacturing and production.  Currently we only offer production services for these items to people contributing to our Subscription Boxes.

Can I order stuff for myself to sell?

If you are producing material for the Subscription Boxes, you will have the option to purchase additional amounts of the items for your own sale purposes.  You will get these items at a discounted cost, if you choose to do this.  

Will I receive credit for my work?

All contributors will be credited either via insert flyer or postcard or on the website.  Oftentimes contribution will be listed in both areas.

So how do I get started?

To get started working with us, fill out the contributor interest form below and we will get back to you.  Please make sure to fill out all the fields.

Example: An artist provided design, we manufactured the keychain.