About Us

We are a Cincinnati based company with years of experience in the Furry fandom, creating furry art, comics, games, toys and so much more!

Our multiple business partnerships have enabled us to provide quality merchandise and print services to many different retailers and trade shows. We have been (and still are) responsible for manufacturing the swag for a number of furry conventions. 

Our idea to sell Furry Mystery Boxes started as a simple experiment at one of the larger conventions; what if we took our experience with swag and started putting together mystery boxes? Would people be interested?

The answer was an overwhelming yes. Selling out of a few hundred of our boxes in the span of two conventions we had our answer. We immediately launched the start of our new company, Furry Mystery Box.

We aim to provide the fandom with the highest quality furry merchandise with each box we release!

These boxes are not simply reused, or wide scale available merchandise. Our team of artists and designers work with our business contacts to manufacture custom apparel, wearable items, pins, buttons, keychains, toys, plushes, food grade items and more. We think you’re in for a lot of fun surprises this year!

Evolution of the boxes

The very first generation of Mystery Boxes were a plain box with stickers on them. We quickly decided we needed to go all the way with a custom designed box!

The second generation of the box was designed both for at-shows and for our subscription service. The box is designed so it does not actually say “furry” on it until it is opened, allowing discretion for mailing!

The second generation was quickly modified, made slightly larger to accommodate prints with out the need to fold or curl them. This was done primarily for our shipped boxes.

As we saw all of our customers walking around with boxes at conventions we realized we needed to make it more convenient. We created a special type of box just for at-convention sales, that included a handle!